It’s a Culture Thing, Sigh.

Cool, so apparently we were supposed to start class yesterday instead of having the morning off. My director messaged my host mom the night before since I didn’t have a phone card at this point when I needed to be at school. Annnd Mama Shadya told me yesterday morning that I was supposed to be at school ten minutes before I was supposed to be there. There’s come culture things here I don’t really ‘get.’ Lol Waswahili.

Meghan and I spent yesterday mostly walking around. We visited the family that we tutored last year. None of the kids were there, but Bibi (Grandma) was there with a few kids we didn’t know. It was so amazing to see them again! She told us she was about to start crying she was so happy to see us. She fed us and even sent one of the kids to go buy water for us to drink. It was a pretty humbling experience to be received that way.

I also ran into a friend that Alex and I made last year who owns a store on Shangani road. We crossed paths as he was riding a bike and he recognized me and turned around and pointed and looked super surprised as he rode away. I went to his store later and talked a bit. I also went and talked with the man, Mwarabu, who owns, Kihaga, the store I want to intern with.

Class is pretty simple and I’m worried it isn’t challenging enough. Hopefully I can find another class that will help me improve my Swahili instead of stalling it. Inshaallah.


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