Lator ‘Gators

Hey Dudes (family, friends, strangers). I’m off on another adventure tomorrow morning as I leave for a 9 month long stay in Zanzibar. Last time around I kept a blog to share news, stories, and pictures and decided yous guys might want to know what’s happen’. I chose to use a different platform this time around, so that ya’ll can comment or whatever. If you want to read about my first trip to Zanzibar from last summer click here.

I’m traveling with a dear friend, Meghan, who I met through my trip last year. We are a bit nervous, sad to leave behind so much, but really excited at what these next months have in store for us. (BUT isn’t Africa dangerous, you say? What about that Ebola thing, you ask?) Don’t fret, my family has already debriefed me on how to not get Ebola: Don’t lick your hands that might have someone else’s poop on them and don’t wash dead bodies. (?) But in all seriousness, Meghan and I are being taken care of very well by our awesome friends over at American Councils. If you want any information about the program I am in head  here or here!

That’s it for now. See you all in 9 months. Wish Meghan and I “Safari njema!”


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