Tumefika! We have Arrived!

Hamjambo Marafiki.

We have arrived safely in Zanzibar. We got in around 4 am Zanzibari time and checked into our hotel. We’re staying at the very swanky MaruMaru hotel. If any one of you ever decide to come to Zanzibar and hire me as your tour guide.. we’d stay here.

Most of the worries and fear I have been harboring for the last few months disappeared as soon as we stepped off of that plane. Meghan and I, along with the other AFLI students, were greeted by Rebecca and Chacha. This is the first time to Zanzibar for most of the AFLI students, so it has been nice not being the newb for once. It was a great moment being reunited with Rebecca and Chacha after over a year. After we checked in, Meghan and I settled into our room. The roof of the hotel is a restaurant/bar and over looks the heart of Stone Town. Before I went to bed I had to head up to the roof and overlook the city. Around the same time I made it upstairs Adhan, the call to prayer, began. I had a similar experience last year when we first arrived. I cannot begin to explain the feeling of watching and feeling a city awaken before you. I tried to capture the essence of what the first call to prayer is like, but it is not a great video. Hopefully, you get the jist.


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