August 26th, 2014

My favorite things from today:

  • As I was leaving for school my youngest sister, Lubna, ran over and said ‘Kiss you!’ (Her new favorite phrase she screams before she plants one on my cheek.)
  • I ate lunch outside while the women of the house sat with me, instead of eating alone as I usually do. Lubna was wearing my sunglasses and so that called for pictures, obviously. Long story short, a picture of Lubna shoving a hard-boiled egg into my mouth exists.
  • Whenever children see me walking in my neighborhood they scream ‘HIIIII!’ in the most obnoxious, yet cutest way possible.


My least favorite things from today:

  • Being asked if I have ever ‘tasted the black’ by a local teenager within ten minutes of conversation.
  • My five-dollar sandals shockingly don’t do much to protect my poor feet.

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