September 28th, 2014

My Favorite Things from Today:

  • My family and I went to the newly opened amusement park. It was apparently a big deal and my youngest brother, Saheel, basically told me I had to spend an hour getting ready. I let my sister, Nilu, pick out my outfit and do my hair and make up. Long story short when my mom saw me she said I looked like I was going to a wedding.
  • The rides at the amusement park are something I never thought I would see in Zanzibar. They aren’t big compared to Cedar Point, etc., but for Zanzibar, they’re big and the hot topic to debate has been when the park will open. Not everyone who came rode the rides (it’s pay as you go deal), but everyone enjoyed simply watching the people who did. It was one of those times where you stand outside of yourself and relish in the moment.

My Least Favorite Things from Today:

  • I went to the market with my language partner (read: someone who is paid to be my friend and talk to me) and unsurprisingly everyone yelled out ‘mzungu!’ as I passed. Usually pretty good at letting that just roll off my shoulder and most people stop once you speak to them in Swahili. However, I had one conversation with a man about how he wouldn’t stop calling me mzungu because our skin was different colors just like his color was different from the white shirt he was holding up.
  • Kids wouldn’t stop asking me for money at the amusement park. meh.

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