That Time I was on Swahili Radio

Have a few stories that I’ve been wanting to share, but don’t have a lot of time to sit down and write. So, this might be able to hold ya’ll over for a while.

A few months back, Meghan and I were guests on a radio show, called “The Spice of Life,” What were we invited to talk about? Mambo ya Mapenzi.  I can’t think of a proper translation that doesn’t sound weird, so basically we were invited to discuss relationships and love and give advice to people about said things.

Yeah…. I’m really thankful this wasn’t a TV broadcast because I would not want someone recognizing me from that time I gave Swahili love advice. As expected, it was pretty awkward and a lot of filler laughs broke up the conversation. Here’s some of the songs that were played and discussed:

Our friend turned MC asked us to explain dating in the States and how you can tell a person you like them as in you like them like them. We discussed the use of ‘I Love You’ by Swahili men. Meaning, they use it too much. As in, the first words out of a guy’s mouth are most often ‘I love you.’ We tried to explain that it’s not really a kosher thing to do if you’re actually serious about said girl. At the end of the show, listeners got the chance to call in and ask us questions. One guy asked us why Americans don’t breastfeed their children.. (???) Our last caller was very clearly not listening to a thing we said, because he called just to tell Meghan he loved her because she didn’t have an mpenzi (boyfriend). Sigh, seems like Swahili men will never earn.


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